An album that words cannot describe

[05.12.02] - This disc is not Krautrock as many will define it, but it applies to several characteristics of that style very well. First of all it's a German project, secondly it's spacious - sometimes even psychedelic - music that goes places, experiments freely with other styles and incorporates all kinds of influences in something entirely new.

Behind the monicker Eye-D hides acclaimed German guitarist Martin C. Herberg, who has been around for some 20 years and plays mostly acoustic guitar music. This time, however, he decided to do something entirely different and presents on this discsomething that defies comparison to other albums or groups.

Sometimes names like Pink Floyd or Porcupine Tree come to mind, but what Eye-D does is entirely different and includes a much wider array of influences, styles and sound colors used. Just a tiny collection: oriental music, dance elements (even some 'scratching sounds'), didgeridoo, trumpets, tribal percussion, distorted rock guitar, country, space rock, classical violin, Irish(?) spoken word, dreamy atmospheres, creepy cosmic sounds,a children's choir and a drum solo - and believe it or not this just scratches the surface!

Now this may sound to you like an enormous chaos of incompatible fragments of music - en contraire: "29.3. Dreams" provides a continuous flow which runs seamlessly from one mood and piece of music into the next, without ever leaving the feeling that something's not right.

This continuous flow of music has been divided into 28 rather short (0:40 to 4:53 minutes) tracks - the 'dreams' that are mentioned in the title. Now, if you wonder what happened to the 29th dream then, just press 'rewind' right after starting the disc - the CD starts with a hidden track of approximately one and a half minute. Now that's an original idea for a hidden track instead of the common stupid and annoying pauzes (sic) at the end of a disc.

This is an album that words cannot describe - you'll have to experience it for yourself! One of the most interesting and amazing musical trips of the last years. I rate this even higher than Porcupine Tree's "Voyage 34"!

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