All the dreams inside my head where will they be when I'm dead
all my thoughts some so insane will they be deleted from my brain
all the things I wish I could forget will they rest inside my head

All the things I've never known will I know them when I'm gone
all the books I never read will I read them when I'm dead
all the songs I never wrote will I write them when I'm cold

Questions, who knows I just don't know

Will I stand up and refuse will there be a chance to choose
will I give up or give in will I lose or will I win
will it be painful will it be slow will it happen in one go

Questions, who knows I just don't know

Will I act considerably cool or will I act just like a fool
will I just drink a few more beers or will I drown in my own tears
will someone else compose my songs will I be lonely when I'm gone
Questions, who knows I just don't know, ... I'm going to find out

(Martin C. Herberg)

Guests: Tim Buktu: mandolins, guitar, keyboards & samples, string arrangement, Anke Dammann: accordion, Jan Hermerschmidt: clarinets, Claudia Koch: violins, Björn Krüger: drums, Uwe Roller: blues-harp, Kai Struwe: bass