Still Waters Run Deep

Still waters, still waters run deep, still waters, still waters

I know a place I'd like to be, I know a girl I'd like to see
I know a little hideaway where the two of us could stay
She is just the girl for me her eyes are bluer than the sea
still waters run deep

Her beauty is unbearable something supernatural
I feel like getting’ stranded on some foreign unknown land
A love like her is hard to find if I could only read her mind
still waters run deep

She's the one who makes me happy, there’s no other girl like her
what can I do to make her love me, I would be the luckiest man in the world

She says she's not in love with me and all we do is drink her tea
sitting 'neath a cherry tree it's hard to understand
at least she's holding hands with me should I take it as a guarantee

She's the one who makes me happy, I'd love her to be my girl
what on earth can I do to make her love me, I would be the luckiest man in the world

Pretty soon I will be happy, she will kiss me on the cheek
Pretty soon we will be happy and this one kiss is all we need

She touches my heart with the touch of her hands
I'm losing control, she rainbows my soul
what can I do, there's no me without U.

There's a girl I can't forget, she's on my mind and in my head
never knowing where I'm at, she's (so) hard to comprehend
a penny for your thoughts my dear where you're at is not right here
still waters run deep......

(Martin C. Herberg)

Guests: Tim Buktu: electric guitar, choir and strings arrangements, Claudia Koch: violins, Björn Krüger: drums, Kai Struwe: bass, The Sober Sisters: choir