Bossa Antigua

And now every time I hear this melody it makes me think of her
and every time I hear the phone ring it brings her to my mind
How foolish I was, I believed every single word, I was thirsty and she cheated me
she didnít leave a message she didnít leave a note
And every footstep that I hear I hope it might be hers
and every time I hear the post fall through the door I wish it was from her
it was love at first sight, beauty is only skin deep and thatís what I forgot
how can I forget her? I want to shut this door and open up another

(Martin C. Herberg / John Keane)

guests: Jan Hermerschmidt: clarinets, Claudia Koch: violins, BjŲrn KrŁger: drums, Kai Struwe: bass